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Project Mission Revitalize a legacy brand in new and exciting ways.

GT Radial brought us on board looking to add an exciting shot of life into their existing online presence, so that's exactly what we delivered. An eye-catching site update with lots of engaging, user-friendly functionality helped us truly bring this project to the next level.

Design & Layout A precision blend of media and information.

With GT Radial's site redesign, our goal was to position the client as something of a lifestyle brand, while also educating the user about exactly what sets GT Radial apart from the other guys. Full banner photography and engaging interactive features enable the customer to take a deep dive, if they want, and learn more about what makes GT Radial superior.

360 Tire Feature Reaching the customer with interactive functionality.

Everyone uses tires...but not everyone is an expert on their inner workings. We built the 360 Tire feature to give GT Radial's customers a deep dive into how they set themselves apart from the customers, exploring features of various tires and getting to know the brand in unprecedented new ways.

a white poster with a red, blue and white stripe and the words 360 features to the max

a close up of a tire on a white background with a red and white label

Tire Finder Making automotive maintenance easy for everyone.

Finding the right tire to match your car's specific make and model can be a challenge, especially to the layperson. We decided to empower GT Radial's customers by uniting them with the ability to quickly and easily find the tires they need, the moment they need them.

Print Ads Immediate, direct, eye-catching, and effective.

GT Radial's presence isn't limited to the internet, so we created crisp and eye-catching print advertising to help extend the brand's overall reach. Our blend of top-shelf design and electrifying copy makes these print ads as effective as they are enjoyable to look at.

Building Trust Through Imagery Keeping things simple and straightforward.

With a legacy brand like GT Radial, it's sometimes best to let the product speak for itself. Product photography focused on showing these tires as they are, getting up close and personal for a detailed look. Lifestyle photography helped communicate a sense of motion and liveliness, adding a general sense of adventurousness to the brand's overall identity.

An online presence that introduces the rubber to the road.

UI Guide | Style, Typography, Color Palette Updating a trusted classic.

Our work was done within the existing branding guidelines that were provided to us by GT Radial, with the goal of updating things where and when we saw fit. We maintained GT Radial's classic color palette while choosing fonts like Mongoose and Acumin Pro for their clean lines and the hip, modern feel they lend to the site.

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