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If you're interested in checking out some extra fetching video and photography work, take a peek at our media gallery and explore the various ways we can breathe new life into your brand.

Build trust with your customer You, personified

People are watching online videos at a staggering rate, with over 5 billion videos viewed on YouTube each day. Smartly produced videos can be the beginning of building a positive relationship with a potential customer, client, or patient. 

By watching videos about you, your office, your staff, potential customers have the opportunity to “meet” you before making a call or visiting your office. They get a sense of your personality and character, allowing them to learn more about who you are and what you do, increasing confidence that your business is the ideal place to go.

Tell your story... and light a fire

You have a unique story to tell and sharing your story on video lets people into your world, making your business relevant and memorable. You can share educational videos, interviews, or stories about you and your dogthere is no limit to what consumers enjoy watching online.

It should be you, and our multimedia marketing team at Studio III is among the best in the business.

Multimedia marketing and search engines Get the edge on your competition

Search engines favor websites with video, because users spend more time on these sites, signaling that the content has higher value. Adding video to your website is among the most powerful methods for boosting your website ranking, delivering content online consumers want to see.

Attention span Every moment counts

In today’s world, people are continuously bombarded with messages from television, movies, social media, and flooding into our digital devices. The majority of these messages are ignored, deleted, or blocked. Video content bypasses this response, by inspiring genuine curiosity. While people may lack the time or attention span to read the text on a website, they always have time to watch a video. Video is a fast and efficient way to answer questions people have about your product or services, and they will appreciate the convenience.

Video is mobile-friendly It’s all about accessibility

For the busy consumer on the go, nothing is as easy and fast as watching a video on a smartphone. The mobile video market has exploded, creating an endless need for targeted, click-worthy content that is easy to download and share.

Education is key Make sure they get it

Video messaging can help explain complex concepts and procedures in an accessible, transparent way that allows viewers to connect. Whatever your industry, video content can be a powerful way to educate people who are searching for answersyour potential customers.

Capitalizing on social media Make the most of it

Adding video content to your advertising campaign is essential for social media. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook allow users to share relevant stories, creating instant (and free) exposure for you and your business. 

Potential consumers are engaged by entertaining content that is educational and relates to their interests and lifestyles. Anything that drives more users to your website has value and posting a steady stream of videos about your company and its services can pay off, in a big way. Our talented media production professionals at Studio III can help create a social media presence that captures the right audience and keeps them tuned in to you and your business.

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