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Using video to jumpstart your web presence

Our team of talented videographers play a crucial role in delivering your message to a wider audience. We create relevant, accessible content that drives conversion rates and inspires your users to connect, share and interact.

Since our brains favor visual information, videos immediately engage your viewer, inviting them in to experience your brand in a more intimate, familiar way. Websites with video messaging are far more likely to draw clicks, and your links are more likely to be shared via digital word-of-mouth, also known as social media.

Advantages of video marketing

Building trust with the consumer

In addition to igniting passion for your brand, the ability to create positive relationships with potential customers is an important benefit of adding video to your marketing campaign.

Viewers are able to meet you before coming into the office, get a sense of your personality and demeanor, engage with your products and services, and gather useful information they would probably not take the time to read. Many older generation clients are still uncomfortable with the internet, but with video, they can relate to the more human aspects of your business.

Multimedia marketing is favored by search engines

Search engines such as Google tend to favor websites with video, because users spend longer on these sites, signaling that the content is more valuable. This is especially true now that Youtube is owned by Google.

Video is mobile-friendly

For the busy consumer on the go, nothing is as easy and fast as watching a video on a smartphone. The mobile video market has exploded over the last year, creating a need for targeted, click-worthy content that is easy to download and share.

Education is key

Video messaging can help explain complex concepts and procedures in an accessible, transparent way that helps viewers to connect. In the healthcare industry, this can be invaluable, as many people are dealing with anxiety and stress over their condition.

Engaging the apathetic user

Today we are constantly bombarded with messages from television, movies, magazines, the web and advertising, while being busier than ever before in our lives. Many people don’t have the attention span to read text on a website, and simply prefer to have the message delivered to them via video. Video is fast and efficient at answering questions a client may have about your product or service, and they will appreciate the convenience.

Making the most of social media

Adding video content to your advertising campaign is essential in getting the most out of social media. Platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook allow users to trade relevant links and stories, creating instant (and free) exposure for your business.

Potential consumers are engaged by entertaining content that is educational and addresses their needs and lifestyles. Anything that drives more users to your website is useful, so creating a steady stream of videos about your company and its services is a great idea. Our savvy media production professionals can help create a social media presence that captures your ideal audience and keeps them hooked.

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