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As one of LA’s preeminent marketing firms, Studio III develops unique, engaging brand identities that are relevant and compelling. We help our clients to hone in on their core company values, connect with a wider base of customers, and turn consumer interest into profits. From print to media, our team has an intuitive knack for bringing your most cherished company vision to fruition in a meaningful and deeply satisfying fashion.

Our strategy

  • Audacity – A brand that doesn’t take any risks may not survive. Sometimes a bold strategy is the best key to expansion.
  • Simplicity – The best brands are based on simple concepts. We help you avoid a confusing, complicated campaign.
  • Openness – We draw ideas from all areas of the globe, keeping a creative and open attitude about the possibilities.
  • Style – Our branding is stylish, current and youthful. From photography and print, to video and multimedia, we provide stunning visuals that will help magnetize consumers.

Branding as an art form

Just as every masterful feat of architecture began as a detailed blueprint, your branding campaign must be meticulously organized and holistic. Every email blast, video and digital communication must be in line with this master vision for your company. Advertising messages must reflect the core strengths, personality and values of your business. In this way, our creative team members are like architects, consummately shaping public perception of your brand identity.

We believe branding must also be beautiful, reflecting aesthetic grace and sophistication. Our designers help your brand to make the most stunning first impression possible, hooking in the viewer at first glance. Before your customers read a single word or even understand what you’re offering, they are met with visually compelling content that will capture their interest.

The rise of social

With the advent of social media, marketing strategy has been forever altered. Today’s branding requires a fresh approach that fuses seamlessly with “share” culture. Word-of-mouth is now a major player in any campaign that hopes to succeed. Today’s consumer likes to interact, to engage, and to participate. Our audience-centric approach captures the imagination and harnesses the power of the user-driven marketplace.

Big ideas from a small agency

As a boutique marketing firm, we offer our clients highly personalized attention and care, fostering the trust required for true creativity to flourish. We work one-on-one using a hands-on approach to understand your brand from every angle so we can grow it. Our big ideas come from this laser focus on the details and the intricacies of your company’s services and products. Our intimate involvement with your brand makes for passionate, authentic marketing that yields remarkable results.

We consider our clients to be partners in brand strategy, and we welcome your input and ideas. We thrive on cooperation and the sharing of knowledge, innovation and art. Ego is checked at the door, as we brainstorm for the best game plan moving forward. You will always feel heard, acknowledged and appreciated during every stage of your campaign.

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