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Email Marketing

Driving traffic to your business through a strategic email marketing blitz

It is not enough to have a well-designed, attractive website. If it’s not coupled with a strong, effective email marketing campaign that spikes your overall conversion rates, then you may not be getting the most for your dollars. We use a proven, 5-step process to deliver your powerful message to a carefully selected, interested audience.

Identifying the correct audience for your business

Our first step is to refine your target audience, researching their needs, attitudes, preferences and proclivities. We create a signup form that weeds out lukewarm leads and helps corral the warm ones. At the same time, we balance our questions with your recipients’ desire for privacy and anonymity.

Creating a potent strategy unique to your brand

Our next move is to craft a strategy that will captivate your audience with compelling content they will want to engage with. Most of us are bombarded with unwanted emails, so we will work hard to create a campaign that can’t be ignored. We will streamline the emails’ focus to hone in on conversion, as one email cannot hope to achieve too many goals at once. One call to action per email is most effective.

Achieving results through striking, efficient images

When it comes time to design your emails, we know exactly how to create eye-catching, clickable content that will trigger immediate traffic. Creating a cohesive, enjoyable user experience that remains on brand at all times is what we do best. Our designers study your audience, and fulfill their expectations while also taking time to surprise and delight them.

Optimizing means prioritizing

Through careful analysis, research and testing, we are able to deliver only relevant messaging that users actually desire and are seeking out. This helps boost your open and click-through rates significantly. Your optimized emails are always tailored to your ideal customers who are already favorable towards your brand.

Maintaining subscribers through detailed reporting

In our final step, we constantly study your results in depth, delving into all the ways we can improve your success. We continuously refine our strategy to comply with your brand and customer base, analyzing user behavior and click-through rates while adjusting email release times to maximize conversion. By taking an honest look at our best practices, we can repeat what works and let go of outmoded directions.

Our top assets:

  • Strategic – From the moment you first consult with our email marketing team, we will begin strategizing to achieve your goals in the most efficient and expedient manner possible.
  • Creative – Thanks to our talented team of designers and copywriters, your content will stand out, driving more conversion, which ultimately leads to more revenue. We know how to create compelling visual prompts that inspire rapid clicks.
  • Automated – In the right hands, automation can save you time and money, maximizing your ROI. Today’s technology offers many new options for automation and we can help navigate these, sending messages that strengthen your brand and build lasting consumer relationships.
  • Integrated – We are familiar with all ESP’s (email service providers) and are able to liaise with multiple independent apps (MailChimp, Bronto, Contactology, Marketo, ExactTarget etc.) for more leverage.
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