...Just ask our clients. 

Studio III has perfectly captured how we want to portray ourselves to our audience while educating and engaging them in our monthly spotlighted procedures, products, and topics. Our email manager, Candace, is always giving ideas of how to improve our analytics month to month while providing constructive feedback. She always gets things done in an extremely fast and efficient manner and is always a pleasure to chat with on a monthly basis. Studio 3 has made transitioning from our previous marketing company smooth and didn't miss a beatand we can't thank them enough!

Benefits of email marketing It’s a no-brainer

When it comes to customer engagement and retention, connecting with your audience base through emails is very easy to implement as there are a variety of options one can choose from in terms of the ‘type’ of email marketing that is the right fit depending on your goals. Monthly campaigns, and automated “drip” emails, are both successful ways of educating and promoting to your audience. It’s been said that email marketing is a “tried and tested business investment that continually brings amazing results.”

Email Benefit #1 Emails generate better results than most marketing channels

Email Benefit #2 Emails help with customer engagement and retention

Email Benefit #3 Emails compel your audience to take action

Email Benefit #4 Emails improve brand awareness

Email Benefit #5 Emails can raise traffic to your website

Email Benefit #6 Emails can help amplify your other marketing channels

The marketing funnel Game, set, match

Generate awareness through educational/promotional emails 

Nurture leads and customers with targeted content 

Provide educational information about your services 

Focus on unique selling points, promote reviews & testimonials 

Prospects become customers or stale customers become re-engaged and purchase again


It's Conclusive Eye-catching clickable content

By applying the marketing funnel technique, we understand how to make the most of the emails we send to your audience. And with our knowledge of current email marketing best practices paired with aesthetically pleasing email designs, the emails we create for clients get results. When it comes time to design your emails, we know exactly how to create eye-catching, clickable content that will trigger immediate traffic. Creating a cohesive, enjoyable user experience that remains on-brand at all times is what we do best. Our email marketing team will get well familiar with your website, the branding, and all the unique aesthetic elements that will set your emails apart from anyone else’s.

Get the full scoop Let’s harmonize

You will ALWAYS be kept in the loop, we will never leave you wondering what’s happening with your emails. From sending the emails to you for approval before they even go out, to reporting monthly on the analytics and emails performance, you will always be kept informed on how things are going with regard to the email marketing. 

We are confident in our email marketing service as we’ve seen results from a multitude of our clients as well as many case studies that show evidence of massive improvements from before they started our email marketing service to after. 

If you’re interested, contact us for more information.

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