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Make an unforgettable impact with our high-end web design packages

In today’s crowded marketplace, a well-designed, engaging website can give you the advantage you need to stay competitive. Accelerate your online growth and jumpstart your visibility by working with our winning team of developers, programmers, marketing gurus and exceptional copywriters.

While aesthetics do play a major role in sales, our web design goes beyond appearances to capture the right audience for your business. We create sites that target and convert your ideal customers by taking the time to understand their habits, culture and pressure points.

Additionally, our websites are mobile – they can be seen anywhere, any time by anyone on any device. By building a responsive, adaptable, interactive and intelligent website, we make sure your users experience your content in the most enjoyable and convenient manner possible.

Video marketing – A new frontier in the digital landscape

In addition to matching you with leading web designers, we offer access to seasoned, experienced photographers and videographers who can create the extra content you need to get to the next level. Our brain is conditioned to respond most strongly to visual stimuli, therefore current experts argue that adding a video to your website can increase conversions – as well as sales – by up to 80%.

Video marketing builds trust in the consumer, as it begins fostering a positive relationship before the client has even entered the office. As users get to know you online, they form an attachment to your brand and this in turn leads to brand loyalty. Let us design a video for your website that shows off your strengths, character and expertise, while helping to drive traffic.

Top 6 reasons to work with Studio III in Los Angeles

  • Expertise – As a leader in healthcare marketing for over a decade, we house designers who know how to create a responsive, effective website that is both visually appealing and profitable.
  • Momentum – We know the value of time, and what it means to be busy. Our designers work quickly to get the ball rolling on your projects, taking the stress out of the equation.
  • Artistry – Our designers are passionate about creating stylish, visually-stunning storefronts that convey your brand and help boost exposure for your business. We know that your website must create an unforgettable first impression from the get-go.
  • Results – A beautiful website is useless unless it gets you the results you need. Our designs increase revenue and ROI, and are geared to appeal to your target market.
  • Quality – Our designers spend an uncommon amount of time polishing the details of your website, attending to every nuance and subtlety to make sure you are happy with the outcome. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for excellence and perfection.
  • Personal attention – Because we are a small, boutique firm, we have time to delve into your project intimately, giving you all the attention and commitment required to achieve a truly remarkable outcome. We are genuine, transparent and available, always.
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