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Social media is a powerful tool, but it's not plug-and-play. For social media to effectively expand your reach, it must be done right. You need to engage thoughtfully and consistently with your demographic, regularly post original content that resonates with your market, and partner with credible and established influencers.

This is no small feat when you have a business to runwhich is why outsourcing to social media experts is a smart strategy. At Studio III, a top social media agency located in Los Angeles, Austin, and Florida, we take over social for our clients and harness the power of meaningful connections to grow their audiences, strengthen their influenceand ultimately drive sales with our powerful social media management.

Which social media platform is right for you? You’re a chooser

The right platforms for your company depend entirely on your industry, market, and your goals. The social media team at Studio III is well-versed in the nuances and advantages of each platform and will devise a custom, results-driven strategy that makes sense for you.

Instagram The visual essence of your brand

Instagram's potential for business is massive. Users have shared over 40 billion photos to date and share an average of 95 million photos and videos each day. Regarding use, 51 percent of users access the platform daily, and 35 percent access it several times a day. After viewing an ad on Instagram, 75 percent of users take action, such as visiting a website.

Facebook A community for business growth

Facebook remains one of the largest social media networks in existence, with an astounding 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily. Every 60 seconds, 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. What's more, Facebook users are extremely interested in business pages, with 71 percent following businesses for promotions and 66 percent following them for updates on new products.

Twitter Meaningful conversations with your market

Twitter is where people go to talk about the topics that matter to them. There are currently 241 million active users, and they spend an average of 170 minutes on the platform each month. Because tweets that include photos and links receive 150 percent more engagement than tweets that are only text, it's important to share original graphic designs and branded photos when posting on Twitter.

TikTok Expand your demographic base

TikTok isn't just dance videos anymore. There are currently 689 million active users on TikTok. With a 60% female user base, this platform has become a way to connect with potential and future users who would otherwise not see your unique content. Carving your space on this platform now is something we highly recommend with video content continuing to dominate all social platforms.

Pinterest A picture is worth a thousand words

Pinterest is a visual platform with over 450 million users worldwide. Linking blogs from the website to Pinterest and vice versa through social media posts captures a new funnel and demographic that continues to prove worthwhile as an investment as more businesses set up shoppable Pinterest accounts and advertise through this platform. 

The Studio III process Authentic. Creative. Results-driven.

When you partner with Studio III for social media management, we take care of everything. At the outset, we create a custom big-picture strategy just for youidentifying your demographics, refining your messaging, and creating compelling themes for your campaigns.

From there, we:

  • Completely manage your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts
  • Create visually appealing and relevant original content (3 to 5 times per week)
  • Respond to tweets and comments, and interact authentically with other users
  • Produce original images and graphic designs
  • Build an authentic and engaged audience
  • Expand your presence with social boosted ads
  • Develop unique, forward-thinking marketing ideas to reach new users
  • Analyze campaign metrics to measure results, refine your strategy, and ensure your social media success

Your next step? Meet with us. Let’s get social

In today’s world, it feels like everyone is famous. But the truth is, true social media influence comes with quite a bit of savvy. Let us navigate the vast waters of social media, leaving all the technical stuff behind the scenes where it belongs—positioning you with a polished, enviable social media presence. 

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