Friday, May 12, 2023, goes down as the day we cut our 1st official ribbon, on our 3rd national location.

We’re proud to announce today the opening of our newest offices and company property.

We’re calling it our East Hub, and it finishes a phase of our growth geared toward a post-quarantine world.

We’re people-people through and through, and the new offices set us up to better serve our clients, and provide opportunities and quality of life improvements for our great team.

S3 Goes East

“This building represents a journey eastward that started in the middle of COVID in 2020, with many of us migrating to Austin, Texas, and now all the way to Florida, covering the span of the US with three locations that each represent both employees and clients, offering better service to our clients and a better atmosphere for our people to work,” CEO Jamie Butterworth said at the grand opening.

With our Creative HQ in Los Angeles, our Hilltop Ranch in Austin, and our East-Hub in Clearwater, we’re now within roughly two hours of any one of our clients nationally, 140 of whom are on the East Coast, and 40 of whom call Florida home.

Modern & Industrial

Located at 1208 S. Myrtle Avenue, the two-storey, multi-office building was previously home to a number of small businesses who had all moved on.

We bought the property in September, and spent months renovating and reconfiguring it in a project led by founder Matt Bartilson.

Top-to-bottom renovations gave the building a fresh, modern-industrial feel, a bit unlike anything in the area.

Picture Perfect

A feature we’re particularly proud of is that the building features our staff’s own photography.

The building is beautiful in both form and function.

But it’s our people that have always mattered to us most.

And that’s what spurred our CEO to come up with a way the building itself could embody that.

We’re talking Shot on iPhone and Captured With Android moments in about a dozen countries.

“Our company culture is predicated on the creativity of our people, and this art and this photography on these walls clearly represents this concept in physical form.” - Jamie Butterworth | CEO, Studio 3 Marketing

These photos, by our employees, are now the artwork in the new building.

They’re stunning and personal.

(And as all strokes of genius and creativity tend to go, the idea was born so well in advance of the grand opening that we could have etched every picture into stone. By hand. With a stick. And still had time for Mai Tais.)

1st Official Ribbon Fall Follows 12 Years of Growth

Our Clearwater office also marked our first actual grand opening celebration, ribbon cutting and all.

So Friday, May 12, 2023, goes down as the day we cut our first official ribbon, on our third location.

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve grown to become best known for our digital strategies, distinguished clientele, and industry-leading websites.

But what might be a bit less obvious is that the 700+ clients we do these things with and for are a bit like family. 

Many have been with us for more than a decade.

So being that results-driven creative agency, and being built on relationships since day one, the in-person interaction that our new East Hub makes possible is so important to us.

“We may have over-done this,” our CEO Jamie Butterworth said about the renovations, “as now our LA and Austin people are quite jealous of this beautiful Florida office.”

And Finally, the Photos

Here’s a look at some of those photographs:

Tyra Kennedy, Subpage Engineer | Fujiyoshida, Japan
“As if the view of Mt. Fuji could be any better, I had the wonderful opportunity to see it amongst Japan’s famous cherry blossoms. Spring is truly the best time of year to visit!”

Taylor Greenbaum, Director of Digital Ads | Jackson, Wyoming
“I was on a family trip visiting Wyoming and we were doing this big hike. Just as we got to the top, I looked back and saw these mountains amongst the clouds and just thought, ‘Wow, I'm definitely not in Florida anymore.’ Having never seen anything like that, it was very surreal to me. Kind of felt like I was looking at another planet.”

Jamie Butterworth, CEO | White Sands, New Mexico
“On a visit to White Sands, New Mexico, my daughter wandered up one of the sand dunes and we captured this picture of her. Reminds me of The Little Prince.”

Kiki Mitri, VP Social Media | Marfa, Texas
“Moving from California to Austin when the company made the move to relocate its HQ to Texas, we stopped in Marfa with our daughter Piper. Marfa is a true artist tumbleweed town. The Prada art installation is in the middle of nowhere outside of Marfa, so we decided to capture the moment of moving our family with our daughter running in front of the art piece; movement, motion, and adventures are the inspiration for this piece.”

Oz Dallasera, New Development Director | Maine
“It was 6:07 am on a lake in Maine, I woke up and saw heavy fog outside and the most amazing light beam through the bedroom windows. I knew right then that I HAD to get out of bed no matter how tired I was and go see the lake. Very glad I did as that photo is unfiltered and exactly how it looked in the flesh. It was the most ethereal moment and I'll never forget it."

Sean Collins, Digital Account Manager | Ankara, Turkey
“On a 4,000-kilometer road trip through Turkey, on a stop at the Ankara Zoo. There, I met Kaplan, a magnificent Bengal Tiger. He was not afraid of a camera, striking poses showing off his beautiful stance and might.”

Oz Dallasera, New Development Director | Florida
“The sun hit the clouds just right at that moment—as it often does in Florida. I looked up and was wowed by what I saw, so I pointed and clicked. Certainly worth the effort!”

Tyra Kennedy, Subpage Engineer | Kyoto, Japan
“To capture this incredible shot at the Fushimi Inari shrine, I had to arrive by 6 am to escape the crowds. The morning mist and silent forest around me really added to the magic of this beautiful place.”

Daniella Langley, Lead SEO Strategist | Orlando, Florida

Mary Broome, Digital Marketing Manager | Cheekwood, Nashville
“The stunning chandelier in the middle of the rotunda at Cheekwood Mansion. I used to live down the street from Cheekwood Estate & Garden and would regularly visit, drawing inspiration from the landscaping, art, and architecture on the historic grounds. I remember seeing this light fixture for the first time, completely mesmerized by its twinkling, gossamer strings. How it so delicately illuminated the space yet carried a weight all its own, at once earthly and ethereal.”

Mariah Young, Sales Adminstrator | Mount Index, Washington
“At the top of Mount Index in Washington State. A log sticks out of Lake Serene, demonstrating how thick the fog was. My then boyfriend and I thought we were going on a four-mile hike for the day, but it turned out to be eight. We spent an hour at the lake when we got to the top, just talking, and though we couldn’t really see it through the fog, the view was still amazing. I’d say it was worth the extra four miles, even though my legs didn’t want to work by the time we got back down the mountain. We aren’t together anymore, but I love that this random picture of one of our memories is sort of memorialized here.”

Lauren Shriver, Deputy SEO Director | Wiltshire, England
“This shot was taken just a few days after my now husband proposed to me. We'd been told Stonehenge was not the most interesting place to visit, but were pleasantly surprised to find it very fascinating and learned about the history of it. Highly recommend a visit if you're in London or nearby.”

James Crowder, Search Specialist | Griffith Park, Los Angeles
“One of the first places I photographed when I took photography (35mm) in college, I have always loved shooting these old trains. I used to go there a lot as a kid, and now I go there with my daughter, so that is very special.”

Britt Nateras, Creative Project Manager | San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Drone photo, taken over a canyon in Guanajuato the day after Britt and Cesar Nateras' wedding, as guests joined them for a celebratory horse riding adventure and homemade tacos at the ranch.

Shane Woodruff, Chief Marketing Officer

Studio 3 is a full-service creative marketing agency whose work includes branding, website design, photo and video production, e-commerce solutions at scale, search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media management, and email marketing.

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