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Meet the team(s) here to support you

Working from an office in Los Angeles, our team is composed of folks who are individually trained in their specific field. In true collaborative form, each member works together seamlessly to give you the service and results you signed up for.

Matt Bartilson

Matt Bartilson Founder, President

Jamie Butterworth

Jamie Butterworth Chief Executive Officer

Chantelle Kennedy

Chantelle Kennedy Chief Financial Officer, Chief Admin Officer

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Chief Creative Officer

Jamie Woodworth

Jamie Woodworth Chief Operations Officer

Jesus Lizama

Jesus Lizama Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Pearson

Brandon Pearson Chief Business Development Officer

Caige Moore

Caige Moore Chief Accounts Officer

Acey Dubow

Acey Dubow Associate Creative Director

Andres Cuervo

Andres Cuervo Art Director

Houston Graham

Houston Graham Senior Web Developer

Narine Azarian

Narine Azarian Web Developer

Jimmy Fikes

Jimmy Fikes Web Developer

Lauren Shriver

Lauren Shriver Lead Online Marketing Specialist

Alex Softli

Alex Softli Accounts Manager

Cru Moore

Cru Moore Online Marketing Specialist

Johnny Mitri

Johnny Mitri Accounts Manager

Zach Prescod

Zach Prescod Online Marketing Specialist

Christine Williamson

Christine Williamson Social Media Manager

Tyra Kennedy

Tyra Kennedy Lead Administrator

Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Moore Media Production Coordinator

Marcus Meisler

Marcus Meisler Photographer & Videographer


Benny Photo Assistant

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