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Plastic Surgery Marketing

What should plastic surgeons know about internet marketing? For cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons, marketing online is critical because it allows potential patients to see how you present yourself - visually and from a branding standpoint. If a patient is looking for a plastic surgeon to enhance their physical appearance, it’s natural they would rely on a plastic surgeon’s website, social media, videos, and email marketing to help make that decision.

Beyond the visual aspect of online marketing for plastic surgeons, the internet gives you a place to share who you are and what you believe in. The internet is the gateway to your brand. At Studio III we specialize in plastic surgery online marketing and web design, to ensure the internet is bringing you as much success as possible. We have extensive experience in bringing plastic surgery brands more visibility & traffic. If you're in a major metropolitan area such as Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, or Boston, ask Studio III about what we can do to re-envision your plastic surgery online marketing.

Here are some of the most important types of online marketing for plastic surgeons:

Web Design for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Your cosmetic surgery internet marketing starts at the heart of your brand’s presence: your website. Potential patients of plastic surgeons learn so much about your art and science from the design you’ve chosen for your website. A cosmetic surgery website is often the first chance you have to show someone your commitment to visual excellence. Studio III’s plastic surgery websites are:

  • An outstanding reflection of your brand & core message
  • Sincerely beautiful, refined and clean
  • Well written with unique, exciting, and educational patient content
  • Easy to navigate so people who need you, know you are the right choice
  • Well-optimized: not only should people love your website, google should too. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for plastic surgeons starts from the foundation of a website

Studio III knows that every piece of cosmetic surgery internet marketing you do is centered around your website. Without the right website, any attempts at online marketing for plastic surgeons are at a disadvantage.

Paid Google Ads (Pay Per Click - PPC) for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Google is the first place many people turn when they want to begin their search for a plastic surgeon. Whether it’s ‘BOTOX in Seattle,’ ‘a tummy tuck in Dallas,’ or ‘the best plastic surgeon in Chicago,’ you want to be prominent in those search results. When you want to show up at the top of google search results, paid ads are the quickest way to ensure this will happen. While SEO for cosmetic surgeons is critical, Pay Per Click or PPC is the important other half of the answer to ranking well in google. The benefits of PPC for plastic surgeons include:

  • Immediate results: PPC plastic surgery ads start working from Day 1 when they are done correctly by marketing experts like those at Studio III
  • Extensive control over the words, phrases, and locations your ads show up in
  • The ability to attract the right patients, where and when they are looking for the exact services you offer
  • The ability to test a substantial number of keyword and phrase combinations, as well as cosmetic surgery landing pages, to optimize your PPC campaigns for the best possible results

Although paid google ads are the primary component of PPC for many cosmetic surgeons focusing on internet marketing, did you know there are significant opportunities for PPC traffic outside of google? Our paid ads run on a wide range of online platforms, giving you extensive reach and ability to maximize your ad-spend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Search engine optimization is different from paid google ads. SEO means optimizing your website and content so that google sees you as the authority on relevant searches like ‘New York liposuction,’ ‘rhinoplasty surgeon near me,’ or ‘best type of facial filler for women’. Why is ranking well in google for plastic surgeons so important? Because research shows that on average, 51% of website traffic comes from search results. If you are not ranking well, you are missing out on those clicks.

Search engine optimization is a technically complex strategy that involves website structure, on and off site linking, coding optimizations - and a major focus on content. We know what patients near you are searching for, and we know how to improve the organic google rankings of your website. Since over 80% of people research online before they buy, you want your brand in front of them from the first day they search google for cosmetic procedures. Not only is search engine optimization for plastic surgeons a critical piece of your marketing strategy, it can also be one of the most cost effective in terms of cost-per-acquisition, because the results of SEO are long-lasting.

Social Media for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Can some businesses get away without using social media? Yes. Can plastic surgeons get away without using social media? No. For cosmetic and plastic surgeons who want to reach new leads and build their brand, social media is one of the most effective channels. Social media is a content-delivery vehicle where visual inspiration shines.

Keep in mind that social media is easy to do, but hard to do well. While any cosmetic surgery staff member can publish a few posts a week, it takes experts to craft a multi-channel strategy to engage thoughtfully with your current and potential new audience. Studio III has the expertise, resources, and ability to execute on a plan to win at social media marketing.

Email Marketing for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Do you have email addresses from patients you treated years ago? From leads who were interested but have not used your services yet? From people who had surgery and are now excellent candidates for your non-surgical treatments? Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep your plastic surgery brand in front of people at all phases of the sales cycle. Email marketing can educate plastic & cosmetic surgery patients on:

  • An upcoming event at your practice
  • The introduction of a new line of services or products you offer
  • Education on non-surgical procedures to keep patients coming back to your practice
  • Promotion of specials for holidays like Mother’s Day & Valentine’s Day
  • Happy birthday emails to patients
  • Requests for voting in “Top Doctor” contests

Our email marketing for plastic surgeons is strategic, creative, automated, and integrated. Email will put you in the inbox of the people who want to hear from you. When they’re ready for treatment, your name will be top-of-mind.

E-commerce for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

At Studio III we create effective and inspiring estores for plastic surgeons. If you have a skin care line, selling the products through the internet is one of the best ways to increase your sales. Our elegant online stores for plastic & cosmetic surgeons are an extension of your brand that allow customers around the US, or around the world, to purchase from you.

Branding for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

How a plastic surgeon brands themself and their practice is one of the most important marketing decisions they can make. Your plastic surgery brand tells the story of who you are, what you value, and why a patient can benefit from connecting with you. We will work with you to convey a brand that is bold and simple: one that patients intuitively connect with, and one that inspires action. As a boutique agency in Los Angeles, we work with plastic surgeons in metro areas like Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston to tell the right story.

Website Videos & Photography for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

There’s no getting around it: Plastic surgery is the industry where the images tell the story. Potential patients scour details of the photography and videos that plastic & cosmetic surgeons publish. Through their eyes, decisions are made about you and your practice. Studio III’s photography and video services for plastic surgeons allow clients to see the best of you. Let our professional team of artistic & technical specialists showcase you and your work.

For plastic surgeons, the way you market yourself online is a critical part of acquiring new leads and converting potential patients. Internet marketing can either drain your resources & staff’s time, or it can allow your brand to thrive. Talk to Studio III about what we offer, and why our unparalleled marketing services can be the foundation for your growth.

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