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Plastic surgery is a rapidly expanding industry and is no longer “hush-hush”, but instead has become fully accepted in our culture. Millions of people choose to undergo face, body, and breast enhancements – both surgical and non-surgical. Are you getting your share of the market? 

People spend hours browsing websites, reading plastic surgery blogs, viewing visual content on Instagram, and watching videos before making the first contact with a plastic surgeon. How does your online presence stack up? Does it meet the expectations of today’s internet-savvy consumers? If not, you are losing a massive chunk of your potential market share.

An integrated approach to plastic surgery marketing: Studio III We’re goin’ in 

At Studio III, we are known as the leading online marketing firm for plastic surgeons. If it is time to revamp your online presence, we cover all the bases. The process starts with an in-depth look at your existing website, an analysis of the web pages currently driving in traffic, and the pages languishing with rarely a visit. We spend hours with you to understand your vision, what you hope to achieve, the patients you want to attract, your professional experience and credentials, and the details about every facet of your practice.

Unparalleled design Just look

If your website has an outdated look, the bottom line is that you are losing business. You may have invested in your website years ago, and it shows. Potential clients land on your site and bounce within seconds. When it is time to create an ultra-refined site that attracts the right customers, our graphic artists, developers, photographers, video pros, and marketing teams work together to create a work of art. Your website will have all the elements that make it a marketing tool that drives business to your door. 

  • Delivers the strengths of your brand with customized messaging
  • Stunning imagery 
  • Custom content created to entice the ideal customer
  • Fast loading, easy navigation to drive conversions
  • Optimized for organic search on all search engines

Digital marketing nails conversions The patients you want

Digital marketing covers far more than just Google AdWords in today’s online universe. While Google is the undisputed leader for online search, other search engines are used by millions of other people, many of whom will meet the criteria as being the ideal patient for your plastic surgery practice.  

Get your practice visible online with Google Ads

For Google searchers or Google map users, Google Ads is the only way to ensure your practice lands on the first page of the Google search engine results page (SERP). Customers looking for a plastic surgeon in your area will type a question, phrase, or word into the Google search bar and up pops your page, somewhere near the top of the page. You only pay for the clicks. Tracking clicks is necessary, but the real test is conversions. They clicked, but how long did they linger on a specific page, and which pages are the most often read? At Studio III, we don’t play a guessing game but analyze user behavior and use what we discover to tweak the page to make your website perform even better. The benefits:

  • Your ad buy on Google produces fast results, no waiting.
  • We carefully choose the words and phrases proven to drive traffic to plastic surgeons.
  • We perform A/B testing and tweak ads to enhance performance with our advanced analytics.

Although paid google ads are a critical component in a digital marketing campaign for plastic surgeons, there are significant opportunities for lead generation and increased website traffic beyond just Google? Our paid ads run on the most widely used online platforms, giving you extensive reach to achieve optimal outcomes for your marketing budget. 

Social media is a critical element Fun, sassy, or just informative

Social media is the all-time top player in the online marketing world. Social media content, when created with intelligence, drives patients to your practice by bringing a more human appeal to your business. Video, beautiful images and enticing content on social media can help drive business in the doors of your practice. 

Social media ads can work magic for your practice but must appear at the right time to the right customer. Our digital marketing team, including our talented artists, photographers, video pros, and marketing experts, work in concert to create compelling content to enhance you, your brand, your results, and your practice overall.

Microsoft/Bing ads

A well-constructed online marketing campaign often includes ads on Microsoft and Bing. Millions of high-income individuals rely on Bing to research, watch videos, or access any subject of interest – including plastic surgeons. These customers are often, demographically, ideal for attracting high-income patients who demand quality. Bing users all over America are a large portion of the market that needs to know about you and your practice. The benefits of ads run on Microsoft is that Bing powers or is partnered with several other popular platforms, including: 

  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • DuckDuckGo
  • MSN

Rank organically

SEO, or search engine optimization, involves an array of actions taken to make your website content perform. These actions include a sane use of commonly searched terms and phrases, never obvious or clunky, your website architecture, internal links and links respected resources, and the magic performed by our coders.

When your website is correctly optimized, updated frequently, supported by blogs, or added procedures, the results are long-lasting and cost-effective when measured against paid ad buys.

We subscribe to email marketing Attention is the most coveted commodity

Do you have email addresses from patients you treated in the past? Do you have email addresses from people who showed interest but have not yet arrived?  Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep your plastic surgery brand in front of people at any point in the sales cycle. Email marketing can educate, inform, attract, and inspire a consultation with you. Your email marketing campaign can cover several topics:

  • An upcoming event at your practice
  • Introduce a new, exciting aesthetic procedure or product
  • Promote non-surgical treatments to former patients who want to prolong their results or are ready for more
  • Promotion for holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings…
  • Happy birthday emails to patients with a special offer

Our email marketing for plastic surgeons is strategic, creative, and integrated. Your custom email campaign will land in the inbox of the people you want to reach. When they’re ready for treatment, your practice and name will be top of mind.

eCommerce: integrated & elegant Let’s do business

At Studio III, we create effective and inspiring shopping experiences for online customers who want the products you offer at your practice. If you have a custom skincare line, we can help you present it in its best light. Every detail is under control, from shopping carts to processing payments and remarketing to people with abandoned carts – we do it all.

Branding for you, yourself, and no one… elf? We’ll do better than this

Your branding tells your unique story and what makes your practice the ideal place to go for treatments. Branding, when performed correctly, will tell a compelling story that inspires a connection from a potential patient. The Studio III branding process is to be bold and simple: A brand that people intuitively connect with and will inspire action. 

Media production Be seen AND heard

Plastic surgery is an industry where images drive success. Potential patients scour the details of the images and video to discover whether you are the plastic surgeon they want to meet. At Studio III, our photo and video pros are genuinely some of the best in the business and will create visual content that appeals to your target markets.

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