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Is it time to put your med spa on the map and entice more clients through your doors? You have a long list of loyal clients and are the best at what you do, but your online presence may not do you justice. At Studio III, we will work one-on-one to create a custom marketing strategy with a hands-on approach. We want to understand your brand from every angle so we can help you grow it. Our intimate involvement with you and your brand allows us to create a marketing plan that delivers.

Don’t sweat the big stuff Your practice, personified

You have worked hard to establish your med spa, but if you are not reaching the wider community, your current website may lack an eye appeal that inspires action. Our designers are arguably the most talented in the country. Imagine an ultra-aesthetic site that communicates directly to your ideal client – at Studio III, nothing else will do.  Our team works to create a stunning design, gorgeous images, and an overall site built with the most advanced technology for an irresistible presentation that appeals to the clients you want.

Collaboration, innovation, and creativity Take it to the next level

We take a collaborative approach and welcome your thoughts, ideas, and concepts. You have big dreams, and we are ready to listen, brainstorm, and work closely with you to develop a marketing campaign that is innovative, creative, and born out of communication and collaboration.

Howdy We get to know you

Our first step is to fully understand you, your med spa, and your vision for your business. We cover all the bases, including branding, SEO, and marketing. Ready to enter a new world of marketing, where you have the support of a team of professionals that genuinely cares about helping you grow your business? Let’s talk. 

The opposite of nothing What we do

Studio III is a boutique internet marketing company that takes a fresh approach to internet marketing for med spas. We focus on total engagement with our clients, outstanding personalized, responsive service, and custom marketing plans for med spas that work. We take on every challenge with professionalism and skill and offer an array of services, including:

Design: Website design is a critical point in staying competitive in a busy online marketplace. Our designers, developers, programmers, marketing experts, and copywriters work together to create an unforgettable website that captures the interest of your ideal clients. Our strategies are based on a full, in-depth evaluation of the habits, culture, and behaviors of the customers you want at your med spa.

SEO: Optimizing your website requires analytics to identify where your ideal client goes for information, what they search for, and understanding the technology behind Google ranking factors. In the competitive online universe, raising your online profile requires ongoing analytics to stay ahead of the game and keep your site relevant and ranking.

Social media: An incredible amount of information is delivered to the community through social media. Our social media team is among the best in the business, producing consumable, interesting content to drive business to your med spa on every social media channel, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and others.

Digital advertising: An intelligently developed digital advertising campaign will take advantage of fully-researched, targeted keywords. Our team takes a scientific approach to take the guesswork out of digital advertising and make your investment pay off in ROI. We use advanced testing and analytics to tweak ongoing campaigns to achieve optimum conversion rates. 

eCommerce: Your online store can be the “go-to” for customers in the region searching for the skincare products you offer. Our eCommerce team can create the ultimate online shopping experience with secure shopping, cart, and checkout. 

Media production: Video content is consumed at an unbelievable rate, and our media production team is ready to take on the challenge and create compelling video content to help drive conversion rates, engagement, connections, and interactions to take your med spa to the next level.

Branding: Your med spa brand identity has everything to do with attracting clients. We do a deep dive into your history, qualifications, your vision, and what makes your med spa better than the rest. We work closely with you to develop a compelling, simple branding concept to weave into your images, video, multimedia, marketing campaigns, and website, integrated to create the ideal response.

Email marketing: We delve deep to develop a strategic email marketing campaign that doesn’t land in the trash. Every piece is customized to elicit a response from the customers you love to treat at your med spa.

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