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Internet Marketing for Attorneys

Think back a decade: online marketing for lawyers was an option. Today? It’s a necessity for any thriving legal business or competitive lawyer. Potential legal clients use the internet not only to find an attorney, but also to research lawyer referrals they’ve received from friends. While it used to be that only a handful of lawyers focused on legal marketing, today strategies like attorney SEO, websites for lawyers, and PPC ads are crucial components of lead generation.

The impression an attorney makes online is critical. Your online presence is your first - and often most important - chance to tell leads who you are and what you stand for. Does your internet presence reflect quality and work ethic? Do you present yourself in a sincere, professional, expert manner? If not, it’s hard to expect that a new potential client will trust you to represent them the way they want.

As an attorney you inevitably have a presence on the internet. Between online lawyer directories, review sites, and news, you will end up in google search results. The only questions about your internet presence are: will you control that presence, and will that presence benefit you?

Creating the online strategy that you want, and entrusting Studio III with your internet marketing, give you a way to control your internet presence. At Studio III we have extensive experience in online marketing for attorneys: not only SEO for attorneys, but also websites, email marketing, photography, and more. We work with legal professionals in major metropolitan area including Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, and Boston.

While each attorney's online marketing needs are different, here are some of the most important types of internet marketing you should consider:

Web Design for Attorneys

Your website is the center of all your online marketing efforts. You can rank on the first page on google for many key phrases with the best SEO for attorneys, but if your website does not capture the attention of your leads when they visit, your rankings are not getting the highest return on investment.

An attorney’s website should be:

  • A reflection of you as both an expert and a trusted resource
  • Welcoming, engaging, and educational
  • A channel that presents you in a personal and professional way, to earn the trust someone needs to be motivated to connect with you
  • Easy to navigate so people feel empowered to stay on your site and learn who you are
  • Well-optimized: not only should potential clients love your website, google should too. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for attorneys starts with the right website.

Studio III creates exquisite websites for attorneys that illustrate confidence, expertise, and a presence that tells clients they want you on their team.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Attorneys

Search engine optimization is a complex and time-consuming strategy, but it’s one that can pay off many times over. When we talk about the best SEO for attorneys, what we mean is a combination of our expertise, hard work, an excellent website, and content that lets google see you as the authority on relevant searches like ‘New York personal injury attorney,’ ‘how to choose a car accident lawyer,’ or ‘free consultation with an injury attorney’. Why is ranking well in google for lawyers so important? Because research shows that on average, 51% of website traffic comes from search results. If you are not ranking well, you are missing out on those clicks. Google rankings for attorneys are incredibly competitive, so to rank well in any major city, you need true SEO experts on your side. That is what you get with Studio III.

Search engine optimization is a technically complex strategy that involves website structure, on and off site linking, coding optimizations - and a major focus on content. We know what clients near you are searching for, and we know how to improve the organic google rankings of your website. When done well, SEO for lawyers can be one of the most cost effective strategies for new leads. The effects of great SEO work are long-lasting; our efforts alter the landscape of what results google shows for the searches you care about.

Paid Google Ads (Pay Per Click - PPC) for Attorneys

While many attorneys’ leads come from referrals, many others start as google searches. Additionally, many potential clients turn to google to begin their research for an attorney. Whether they’re searching for ‘personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles,’ ‘lawyer for car accident near me,’ or ‘the best attorney for injuries in Chicago’ you want to be prominent in those search results.

While SEO (search engine optimization) is the most natural and organic way to get leads from google, PPC for attorneys is another primary lead-generating channel to consider. Why do lawyers use paid google ads?

  • They provide immediate results when done correctly. While SEO takes time, PPC can work from Day 1. Even if your new website is being built, we can begin Pay Per Click ads for your law firm right away.
  • Extensively personalized
  • The ability to attract the right clients, where and when they are looking for the exact services you offer. Instead of just trying to target a client with a billboard, you can be in their google search results when they sit down at a computer and begin looking for the right lawyer.

We target the clients you want with a combination of hyperlocal geographic targeting, the exact phrases you want to be found for, and optimized landing pages. At Studio III we know how to get results, and get clients in touch with you. And while google ads are a critical component of PPC for many attorneys who use internet marketing well, there is a larger network of online advertising locations that we have access to. When we do internet marketing for attorneys, we make sure your paid ads run on a wide range of online platforms, which not only extends your reach but also maximizes your ad-spend.

Social Media for Attorneys

Is there a place for attorneys in social media? Yes there is. Social media is a content-delivery vehicle that allows experts to expand their reach, build their following, and create a personal connection with potential clients and referrers. When clients come to you with a problem, these are personal, sensitive, and important issues. They want to know that they are coming to someone who has the ability to represent them with expertise and empathy. Social media can show that you are the expert they need.

Keep in mind that social media is easy to do, but hard to do well. When attorneys’ online marketing includes social media, a high level of strategy is needed. Lawyers online need to know the pitfalls, regulations, and benefits of each social media channel. Studio III has the expertise, resources, and ability to execute on a plan to make social media marketing work to promote the brand of top lawyers.

Email Marketing for Attorneys

If you have a database of email addresses from potential clients you were in contact with over the past few years, email marketing is a strategy to consider. Email allows you to keep your name top-of-mind for people. While each person on your email list is not going to be a potential client every month, they absolutely are a potential referral source. Email marketing topics can include:

  • An award or recognition you’ve received
  • A speaking engagement or promotion
  • Interesting new regulations or rulings related to your legal focus
  • A case study
  • Client education on steps of the legal process
  • FAQs on particular types of cases

Our email marketing for attorneys is strategic, creative, automated, and integrated. Email will put you in the inbox of the people who want to hear from you, so that when the need for an attorney arises, your name will be on their mind.

Branding for Attorneys

What is the story you want to tell potential clients? Your brand as an attorney is important in attracting the right clients for the type of business you want. If you are in a metropolitan area like Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Boston, get in touch with us. We can show you what it means to have the right branding behind you.

Website Videos & Photography for Attorneys

While it’s easy to see why videos and photography matter for plastic surgeons, do attorneys really need these same marketing assets? If you want to present a complete and powerful online story, you do. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the foundational truths of the internet. Trust is critical, and people are more likely to trust someone they can connect to through photos and video. Studio III’s photography and video services for attorneys allow clients to see the best of you after they’ve clicked through to learn more. Let our professional team of artistic & technical specialists showcase you.

For attorneys, the way you market yourself online is a critical part of acquiring new leads and converting potential clients. One way or another, you will have an internet presence. Let that presence be one that benefits you to the highest degree. Talk to Studio III about our websites for lawyers, legal SEO, and the other customized services we offer. Our unparalleled marketing services can be the foundation for your growth.

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