Internet Marketing for Attorneys

Online marketing for your law firm is not an option – it is a necessity. Presenting your firm in the most positive light, with messaging that communicates to your ideal client will keep the phone ringing and drive the clients you want in your doors. It is all about the quality of your online presence. 

First impressions matter Prosecute poor marketing

A potential client, looking for the right lawyer to solve a pressing legal issue will browse online. Will they find your practice? Once they land on your website, are they impressed? Today’s online consumer is exceptionally savvy. Your online marketing program begins with your website, but that’s just the start. With a custom legal website with the right images, video, and written content is the ideal way to promote your firm to the right clients. 

A fresh approach to digital marketing for law firms As detailed as you

At Studio III, we take a fresh approach to digital marketing for law firms. It begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current site with our advanced analytics. We measure page ranking, visits, bounce rate, and the pages most visited and read. This allows us to build on the online presence you have already established. You may have tried various online marketing efforts and had some degree of success or were disappointed in the result.

At Studio III, we rely on science, no guesswork involved. Every detail of your marketing program is custom-crafted, analyzed, and tested. When we take on a client, we are with you for the long term, and always available to you.  We spend all the time needed to understand you, your practice, credentials, history, and the clients you want to serve by creating a clear, compelling brand message to boost the conversion rate. We make your website work for you.

Search Engine Optimization  Get found, quickly

Search engine optimization is a complex and time-consuming strategy, but when performed correctly, pays off many times over.  The best SEO practices for law firms are comprehensive, a combination of expertise, hard work, an excellent website, and content that communicates directly to the ideal client. Why is ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines lawyers so important? Because research shows that, as an average, 51% of website traffic comes directly through search results. If you are not ranking well, you are missing your market share. Google and other search engine rankings for attorneys are incredibly competitive, so to rank well in any major city, you need true SEO experts on your side. That is what you get with Studio III.

The nuts and boltsHow does it work?

Search engine optimization is a technically complex strategy that involves website structure, on and off site linking, coding optimizations, with a focus on superlative, intelligent content. We know what clients near you are searching for, and we know how to improve the organic search engine results, which are content-driven. When done well, SEO for lawyers can be one of the most cost-effective strategies for new leads. The effects of great SEO work are long-lasting, and improve over time as new content is added, whether video, pages, blogs, articles, or other material.

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Design for Attorneys Look the part

If your website looks old and dated, people searching online will land on it and bounce within seconds. Your website is at the center of your online marketing efforts, and to create inroads into the market, your website must be aesthetic, drive home your message, and communicate to the clients that matter. If your previous digital marketing efforts got you on page one of Google, Bing, or another search engine, your marketing budget could be wasted if the conversions are low or the wrong audience is attracted to your firm, wasting both time and money.

An attorney’s website should communicate several facets about you and your practice, clearly:

  • A reflection of you as an expert in your field of practice, and a trusted resource
  • Welcoming, engaging, and educational
  • A channel that presents you in a personal and professional way, to earn trust and inspire a potential client to connect with you.
  • Easy to navigate, with fast loading pages.
  • Well-optimized: not only should potential clients love your website, Google, Bing, and other search engines should too. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for attorneys is a comprehensive effort.

Studio III creates superior websites for attorneys that communicate your confidence, expertise, and a presence that tells clients you are the attorney they want on their side.

Social Media Reach your people

Is there a place for attorneys in social media? Yes, of course. Social media is a content-delivery vehicle that allows legal professionals to build a following and create a personal connection with potential clients and referrers. When clients come to you with a problem, these are personal, sensitive, and important issues. They want to know that they are coming to someone who can represent them with legal expertise and empathy. Social media and social media ads can be the ideal way to reach the maximum number of clients.

Keep in mind that social media marketing takes deep skills, artistic, technical, and in technology. Social media marketing requires a high level of strategy and extraordinary skills. Lawyers online need to know the pitfalls, regulations, and benefits of each social media channel. Studio III has the expertise, resources, and ability to execute a plan to make social media marketing work to promote the brand of top lawyers.

Digital advertising for law firms Pinpoint accuracy

While many of your leads may come from referrals, a vast number of new clients should find you through a standard search online. We employ advanced analytics to identify the best approach, even if your practice in a high-population, heavily saturated area of the country.
Digital advertising for attorneys is a primary lead-generating channel to consider. Why do lawyers use paid online ads? Just running ads is not enough – they must be carefully created, tested, and run during the right times, and to the right customers to produce an excellent return. We have taken the guesswork out of digital marketing and rely on facts. Online ads bring immediate results when done correctly. While SEO takes time, for fast results, online ads lead to a direct impact.

Targeting the clients you want at your practice – it's an art

We dive deep into the research to help you attract the right clients, where and when they are looking for the exact services you offer. We target the clients you want with a combination of hyperlocal geographic targeting, the phrases that inspire a click from the right user, and optimized landing pages. At Studio III, we know how to get results, and we are responsive and always available to you. We run A/B testing on ads and continue to tweak until they produce the results you want.

Email Marketing Critical for attorneys

If you have a database of email addresses from potential clients you were in contact with over the past few years, email marketing is a strategy that has proven to reap benefits. Email allows you to keep your name top-of-mind for people. While each person on your email list is not going to be a potential client every month, they are a referral source, and may run into a legal problem in the future. Email marketing topics can include:

  • An award or recognition you’ve received.
  • A speaking engagement or promotion
  • New laws, regulations, or rulings of interest to your field of practice.
  • Case studies
  • Client education on steps of the legal process
  • FAQs on types of cases

Our email marketing for attorneys is strategic, creative, and integrated. Email will put you in the inbox of the people who need to hear from you, so that when the need for an attorney arises, they will turn to your firm.

Videos & Photography A dynamic portrayal

Do attorneys need video content? If you want to present a powerful online story, video is the ultimate tool. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the foundational truths of the internet. Trust is critical, and people are more likely to trust someone they have watched on video. The Studio III photography and video services for attorneys allow clients to see the best of you after clicking through to learn more. Let our professional team of artistic and technical specialists showcase you and your firm – it makes a difference.

For attorneys, the way you market yourself online is a critical part of acquiring new leads and engaging potential clients. You already have some type of online presence, but if it is weak, boring, or fails to interest those who search online, it is time to make a change. Talk to Studio III about our websites for lawyers, legal SEO, and the other customized services we offer. Our unparalleled marketing services can be the foundation for your growth.

Branding Project your core

What is the story you want to tell potential clients? Your brand as an attorney is essential in attracting the right clients for the type of business you want. If you are in a metropolitan area like Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Boston, get in touch with us. Our branding process is thorough, simple, and bold.

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