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Paid search is a critical facet of a successful, integrated online marketing campaign – but you want to ensure you are getting excellent value for your investment. A successful paid search campaign is both an art and a science, and our team at Studio III has it down cold.

The process of creating a successful internet marketing campaign involves an evaluation of the local market and an assessment of where your ideal customer visits to find information online. As a tried and true paid search agency based in Los Angeles, Austin and Florida, we go above and beyond to help our clients make the most of an investment in paid search. For us, paid search is a science, not a guessing game. It involves using our advanced program to analyze the market, the ideal times to run your ad, and the best user profile to view your ad. 

Give it a goog Google paid search

Google search continues to be the undisputed king of the internet. Google Ads allows your ad to be visible on Google search results pages, including Google Shopping, Maps, and their partners. You can choose to have your ad displayed on the Google Display Network, which covers websites partnered with Google, including Gmail and YouTube. 

Planning your Google internet marketing campaign, when our top paid search agency takes on the task, starts with an analysis of the marketplace, a discussion about what area of your business you want to increase, your marketing budget, and the judicious placement of ads on the right search engine at the right time.

Let’s get you out thereGoogle Ads - lead generation, sales, remarketing, brand awareness, and traffic

A basic outline of what our paid search team can create for your business includes ads that appear on Google, YouTube, and partner websites. Every campaign is custom developed and covers the full spectrum, including:

  • Search Campaigns (SERP results [search engine results page, or where your ad pops up], ads on Maps)
  • Display Campaigns (internet and website banner ads)
  • YouTube Video Campaigns (video ads on YouTube)
  • Shopping Campaigns (Shopping SKUs on SERP)
  • Local Services Ads (Services Image and Profile on SERP, limited to specific service industries, medical not included)
  • Other Campaigns (Gmail, Google Discovery)

Bing paid search Bing-o!

Bing may be the second big player on the search engine list, but it controls 36 percent of the US desktop search market – a massive chunk. With over 1.5 billion digital devices powered by Windows and 900 million users of Windows 10, where users are directed to use Bing as their search engine, this search engine is a major player in internet marketing. 

Another point is that any search through Cortana or Alexa will be Bing-powered. As a top paid search agency located in Los Angeles, Austin and Florida, our internet marketing campaigns involve evaluating which search engine will perform best for you, your industry, the demographics of your customers, and your region. In many cases, covering both is the ideal approach.

By targeting Google and Microsoft Bing, we gain access to Yahoo and AOL and thousands of other independent search engines partnered with Microsoft and Google – we are going for the win.

Microsoft Bing Ads

Lead generation: Microsoft Bing ads can be a productive marketing strategy for lead generation. You can connect with customers searching, or just browsing, on any device. Your ads will appear next to the user’s search, on mobile devices, and where they browse, including Bing, Aol, MTV, NBC, WSJ, and Yahoo. 

Sales: With Microsoft Bing ads, you can reach tens of millions of customers that Google ads won’t reach. You have the option to import your Google Ads campaign into Microsoft to sync your campaigns. Microsoft offers a excellent tracking features to tweak your campaign to make the most of your marketing dollars.

Brand awareness: Microsoft ads allow you to make the most of your marketing spend, and increase ad engagement, drive new customers to your website, or through your door. Microsoft has a higher spending audience than the competition, and the ROI can be remarkable.

Website traffic: As Microsoft ads reach searchers using Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other sites powered by Bing, visits to your website from the right customers can dramatically increase. 

Remarketing: When a visitor leaves your website or abandons a shopping cart, remarketing in paid search provides a fresh opportunity, enticing customers to return and complete the transaction. Custom remarketing ads can produce big rewards, as shoppers who abandon carts can be re-inspired.

Types of Microsoft/Bing ads The proper medium

  • Search Campaigns (SERP results): Your ad appears on the search engine results page.
  • Display Campaigns (internet and website banner ads): Multi-channel ads that appear where customers go, including Xbox, Msn, Windows OS, Microsoft Edge, and Outlook. 
  • Shopping Campaigns (Shopping on SERP): Run customized shopping campaigns, with product ads that stand out, including local inventory ads, and merchant promotions. If you are already running product ads on Google, your existing campaign can be imported to run on both search engines.

Programmatic Ads Hey look, you’re everywhere! 

Programmatic ads refer to using advanced, automated technology for buying internet ads. At Studio III, a top paid search agency in Los Angeles, Austin and Florida, we have invested in the best of the best algorithmic software to benefit our clients. This process allows us to ramp up lead generation, sales, remarketing, brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website.

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