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Email Marketing and What it Does for You

As we have grown, Studio III is constantly reviewing our own processes to even further increase our quality and services to our clients. In this ever-changing world of online marketing, one of our top priorities to stay ahead of the industry in all things marketing.

With this in mind, today we highlight EMAIL MARKETING as one of our core client services. On our team we have a veteran marketing specialist who has been managing email campaigns for medical practices since 2005. From email design, to content, to coding, to compliance with federal email regulations, Studio III is your resource for re-engaging potential clients.

Email is one of the least expensive, most effective forms of online marketing you can do – your best source of clients is people who have already expressed some interest.

Consider these three facts about Email Marketing:

1. Email is the #1 preference for communication from businesses.

Adults were asked to rank 13 types of communications they could receive from businesses. 72% of them ranked email as their #1 choice, making it the overwhelmingly clear winner.

2. More email clicks happen on mobile phones than any other device.

If you are not optimizing your emails for mobile phones, you’re missing a substantial audience. Mobile optimization is a technical option that we include for all our clients.

3. Emails target people who directly indicated their interest in your services.

While paid search and social media advertising have their own strengths, nothing gives you the direct access to people who cared enough to ask about your services, than emails.

Don’t let your thousands of email addresses sit unused. If you contact us today to ask about email marketing options, your first campaign can go out for ‘close of summer’ deals, or a ‘back to school’ push.

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