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The right website beyond just looking good

At Studio III, we take a unique approach to your online presence. Believe it or not, sometimes having the “best” or prettiest website isn’t what you need. Instead, you need the right website—a website that is true to you and your company’s character, resonating with those you want to reach most. While our websites are certainly pretty, their value is more than just screen deep.

Dr. Kevin Brenner Website Design
Dr. Garth Fisher Website Design
Oral Essentials Website Design
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Search Engine Optimization We don't just optimize for Google. We optimize for you.

There are plenty of companies doing SEO, many of whom outsource their clients to India or South America, and many more that are US-based who engage in strange, transitory tactics. In stark contrast, our SEO technicians were trained right in our Los Angeles office where they have since remained. While even the term SEO has a somewhat tarnished reputation, we bring it back to its roots.

When it comes to SEO, we go beyond just getting you ranking on Google. We constantly track and test every facet of your online marketing to make sure our optimization is translating into new clients and revenue. That's what we mean by optimizing for you.

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In today’s Information Age, paid search marketing is more relevant than ever. As one of the simplest methods of getting traffic to your site, paid search also gives us the type of vital information that is making people call your business. Where are they calling from? What types of people are they? With every click, we use this information to further hone your campaign, making it precisely targeted and razor sharp. And what we’re doing is not only driving traffic to your business—we are also learning more and more about your target demographic, allowing us to provide them with information they need to know, i.e., your incredible product.

Information is useless in the wrong hands. We’ll help you get it into the right ones.

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Social Media Stay Relevant.

Like it or not, as we move forward in this 21st Century, Social Media is only getting more and more impactful into our daily lives. Having an established social media profile serves to both keep your existing clientele engaged as well as attract new people to your business.

Social Media is also now very relevant in terms of solidifying both your overall internet presence as well as boosting organic search rankings.

Another vital factor in your Social Media Marketing is Reputation Building. Yelp, AVVO, RealSelf, HealthGrades, etc., more and more platforms where people are researching your reputation and making decisions based on what you see. It is now a vital part of your internet marketing to have well established profiles to build and maintain a quality reputation online.

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Photography You look good. Let's capture that.

No assets? No problem. Our full service photography department can handle all your photography needs, and then some. This service doesn’t merely exist—it excels. Our fully trained and seasoned photographers have a flair for capturing the integrity of your image, while of course adding their own artistic knack. There is no substitute for professional imagery, and with our photography service, visitors see you as you are truly meant to be seen.

Dr. Charles Briscoe Photography
Sacha Radford Photography
Dr. David Amron Photography
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Video In our digital age, it's kind of important.

The human eye is very discerning. Despite the recent development of smart phone apps that turn everyone into a videographer, we all still recognize true quality when we see it. At Studio III Marketing, we provide the highest quality of video production at a competitive cost for companies of any size, from independent shops to global enterprises.

In the business world, there is no compromise when it comes to excellent video production. Whether you are shooting a series of videos for your medical practice, a one-off promotional video for your new business, or a full-scale series of commercials, we can deliver these at the highest standards.

At Studio III, we don’t believe in risks. We believe in relentless quality, showing nothing but the best your company has to offer.

Studio 3 Video Examples

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Responsive Be seen. Anywhere.

Today it's not enough just to have the latest information. Consumers expect to be able to get the information right now, wherever they are, in the palm of their hand. So how do we help potential clients find you on their mobile device? Well, several ways.

We specialize in responsive websites. This means the website responds to the specific dimensions of your viewing device. If you’re on a desktop computer, you’ll see the full form of the site. If you’re on your smartphone, the website is intelligently rearranged so all components are easily viewable, even on a small screen. This means your information is accessible on all platforms, leading to a user experience that is smooth and pleasant.

Dr. David Amron Responsive Website
Dr. Jamil Asaria Resonsive Website
Dr. Sean Younai Responsive Website

We also design sites specifically for mobile devices. Taking into account the small viewing area, these customized sites tend to utilize copy that is concise and impactful while relying on a more image-based design. With mobile designs, visitors get the full picture and quickly.

Mobile App Development

Lastly, we offer mobile app development. With a mobile app, you can help your clients understand everything that you and your company have to offer – and so much more. You can interact with your clients in a way that no website would allow. You can directly push-notify individuals who download your app, and communicate with them directly and immediately. The future actually is now. Let’s enjoy it.

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