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Plastic Surgery MarketingReceive the same level of care you give your patients.

As a talented and dedicated surgeon, you've invested countless hours and resources into your training, board certifications and your practice. But unless you are successfully communicating your brand to the legions of potential clients searching for a cosmetic procedure online, you may quickly find yourself languishing in virtual obscurity. That’s where Studio 3 comes in. Functioning as that missing link between you and the scores of web-browsing men and women waiting to be converted into new patients, we get your surgical calendar filled. Fast.

Like you, we are specialized. As a small boutique marketing firm focused exclusively on the medical and legal fields, we can afford to give each of our doctors the personalized, individual attention they deserve. And like you, we are driven. We won’t stop until you get results. Let us transform your brand so you can get back to doing what you do best – transforming patients’ lives on the operating table.

The art and science of plastic surgery marketing

Just as a plastic surgeon must be part exacting, precision-minded scientist and part artist with an eye for aesthetic perfection, so too must your marketing firm be a multifaceted hydra capable of excelling on several different fronts simultaneously. Marketing strategies such as SEO and Paid Search must be meticulously researched with a focus on high-value, strategic keywords, but this same company must also know how to run a chic, stylish social media campaign and shoot a video or commercial that can compete in today's sophisticated digital landscape. At Studio 3, we do it all.

Web Design for plastic surgeons

The first step in creating a commanding online presence is establishing a website that appeals directly to your most cherished clientele. Rather than wasting your time and money on a generalized audience, we help you to attract and court the patients who are a perfect match for your services. And as a professional who has dedicated their career to the pursuit of physical beauty, your website must reflect aesthetic elegance and flawless organization. You’re continuously introducing the most cutting-edge surgical techniques and procedures; why should your website be stylistically stunted in a previous decade? From the home page to the contact page, Studio 3 designers will make sure your site inspires just as many double-takes as your patients.

Web Content

A visually stunning presentation is just the first step, however; beauty also needs brains. In a world saturated with plastic surgery websites, your content needs to stand out as unique, relevant and compelling. Search engines thrive on well-researched, engaging information that addresses patients’ most pressing questions and concerns. Like a god of web traffic, the all-seeing Google algorithm rewards niche, original copy on every single page, written by one of our brightest and most experienced Studio 3 scribes. By the time we’re finished, you will be among the most sought-after, preeminent authorities in your field with a waiting list stretching into the horizon.


For those in the plastic surgery industry, SEO is one of the most important and challenging marketing strategies there is. Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as ‘organic search’, means the difference between coming up on page 1 of Google and say, page 16, anytime someone does a search for your type of service. And even being on page 1 doesn’t guarantee those clicks are converting into actual paying clients. At Studio 3, we tailor every keyword with one purpose in mind: filling your appointment book. You may not understand SEO that well, but you don’t need to. You’ll know it’s working when your phone is ringing off the hook.

Social media

Clients who pursue cosmetic surgery all have one thing in common: they care about how they look. This means that when they’ve undergone a successful procedure at your practice, they want all their friends and family members to know about it. Social media has rapidly ascended to become one of the most powerful and unrelenting forces in marketing, functioning as a word-of-mouth referral system that has the potential to reach millions. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaigns that target prospective patients, Studio 3 will fortify brand loyalty and awareness, harnessing the integrity of the personal relationships to bring in more leads.

Let Us Take You From Idea to Launch.

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