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Orthopedics Marketing Is your back against the wall? Get rapid, tangible results with the leaders in Orthopedic Medical Marketing

Does your orthopedic practice suffer from a chronic lack of qualified leads? Do you feel inferior marketing is crippling your ability to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated landscape? If you are an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, spinal specialist, musculoskeletal physician, Workers’ Comp or sports medicine doctor, you have come to the right place and we can assist you!

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as sinking significant time and money into subpar advertising and walking away with nothing to show for it. At Studio 3, we get you back on your feet through a combined strategy that works simultaneous on all fronts to fill your appointment books for months in advance. Through cutting-edge videos, compelling content and photography, innovative SEO techniques and trendsetting social media campaigns, we cover every base to propel you, ethically and expediently, to the top. Our goal is to identify, target, capture and convert your visitors, nurturing your unique brand identity and company vision to maturity.

Custom orthopedic web design – Your secret weapon

Like many brilliant surgeons, most orthopedic doctors are primarily left-brained and excel in the sciences rather than in the field of art and design. That’s why it’s so important to trust your website to a professional who can create a modern, visually stunning calling card that will attract clients rather than repel them with lackluster, generic graphics and disorganized navigation menus. Studio 3 websites combine the best of high-end design principles with award-winning content, strategic, effective SEO and social media integration for an online presence that towers above your rivals.

What’s more, your website is created to function on all platforms and devices, intuitively resizing to accommodate the screen in use. Today’s on-the-go client uses their smartphone, tablet or laptop to search for healthcare solutions, and knowing your site will be the first on their list brings invaluable peace of mind. Our mobile-friendly websites contain all the same high-quality content, links and metadata as their desktop versions, so you are optimized for success from every angle.

Social media – Turbocharge your word-of-mouth!

Complementing a sharp, optimized website, a strategic social media campaign can target thousands of potential clients you might not otherwise be able to reach. When a patient is pleased with their orthopedic services, word travels fast. We capitalize on these positive referrals, harnessing your reputation via your own Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram profile to help convert visitors into new patients. Through thoughtful, insightful articles, compelling videos and other specialized content, we build your brand presence and help solidify your practice as a household name.

Get on the map with SEO for healthcare professionals

Your website is like a property on the outskirts of a cold, forgotten town that no one knows about. We want to move you to a beachfront location in a thriving metropolis where hordes of people will pass by your doors each day. How do we accomplish this important relocation? Through a practice known as Search Engine Optimization. It means getting your business to the first page of Google so it comes up first during an organic search. As grim as it may seem, potential clients are not willing to go to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of Google to select a physician. As busy people they like to stick with the top 5-10 businesses that show up. So it’s imperative that we select the right keywords for your specialization and location, and that we vigorously test and retest these words on a timely basis to make sure that once you’re on top, you stay on top. And as a small boutique marketing firm, we can afford to give your account this kind of intense, undiluted attention. We outsource nothing; all services are performed exclusively at our offices by our vetted local staff who are eager to exceed your expectations for success.

Let Us Take You From Idea to Launch.

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