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Ophthalmology Practice MarketingA cutting edge field requires cutting edge marketing.

The numbers don’t lie. According to Manhattan Research, almost 80% of US adults search for medical services online. This includes those with chronic eye conditions searching for a surgeon or specialist. For an ophthalmologist in 2016 with an esteemed reputation, a near decade of training and experience, and distinguished talent, these gifts will only go so far. Today’s eye doctors need to have an online presence that’s just as powerful and crystal clear as their patients’ restored vision.

Not only do we at Studio 3 understand what it takes to propel your practice onto the first page of Google, we know how to do this in a way that preserves the integrity of your company essence and message, seamlessly integrating all aspects of your website, copy, social media, SEO, photography, video and print media to reflect your core brand values. This capacity to see the bigger picture, coupled with our mission as a smaller boutique firm to give your online marketing campaign the steadfast, personalized attention necessary to exceed expectations, is why so many ophthalmologists turn to Studio 3 when they’re ready to expand.

Web design – More than meets the eye

Your website is the calling card of your practice. Yes, it must be visually stunning, easy to navigate, and able to compete with the latest cutting-edge design trends in the medical field. Our seasoned creative staff thrives on conjuring an ocular feast through spectacular composition and innovative layouts. But beyond that, your website must be strategically crafted to highlight your most important assets as an eye care professional. Our goal is to target, capture and convert your ideal clients into appointment-booking patients.

One of the most important ways we do this is through content. Search engines, as well as clients, are hungry for well-researched, thoughtful articles that both inform and inspire. Our copywriters are veterans of medical industry lingo, procedures and specializations, delivering one-of-a-kind copy for every page on your site. For those patients who prefer to be educated and in the know about their surgery before moving forward, this level of transparency can be a huge factor in their decision to choose your practice.

The art of SEO

It may seem far-fetched when we speak of Search Engine Optimization as an art form, but at Studio 3, we have elevated the drive for rankings to a creative act. Just as an architect spends countless hours drafting the blueprint for a masterpiece, our technicians spend their time tirelessly testing and retesting keywords to ensure that you are coming up in organic searches for the most appropriate procedures, locations and specializations to your practice. This takes a certain kind of elegant single-mindedness not commonly found in a mercenary. Our SEO experts live to optimize! And you can see the difference in your results.

Paid Search – The right hand of SEO.

With Paid Search, you don’t have to wait to see results; they are instant. Working with Google Adwords or Facebook advertising is a great way for new ophthalmologists to get on the map and get the phone ringing. These featured advertisements work as signposts, directing your targeted clients towards your website, where they can then be converted into new patients. With Paid Search and SEO working together ambidextrously, an exponential effect can be achieved that will skyrocket your practice to the forefront of your field. But we don’t stop there. At Studio 3, tenacity is our watchword. Once we’ve gotten you to the top, we don’t rest on our laurels. We do the work to keep you there so you can relax and focus on serving your patients at the highest levels.

Let Us Take You From Idea to Launch.

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