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Medical MarketingIs your medical practice sluggish when it comes to leads? Perhaps it’s time for a check-up.

If you’re not seeing a steady stream of new patients coming through your door and booking appointments weeks in advance, it may be time to see the web doctor. At Studio 3, we turn anemic, underperforming marketing campaigns into thriving, turbocharged conversion marathons, bolstering your online ratings while strengthening your unique brand identity.

It can be difficult to stand out as a healthcare provider in today’s highly competitive, oversaturated marketplace, but thanks to years of successful, strategic campaigns and a nuanced, niche understanding of a vast array of medical specialties, we are able to draw out and target your specific audience through a streamlined approach that not only obtains, but maintains, unrivaled results.

Diagnosing your online presence

Like any good physician, our first step as a web doctor is to take an x-ray of your current advertising.

  • Do you have a noteworthy, visually dazzling website with original, relevant, well-researched content that is also optimized for your specialization?
  • Does your practice take advantage of the growing preference by search engines for compelling videos documenting your unique expertise and warm, charismatic bedside manner?
  • Does your site include gorgeous photography that conveys your state-of-the-art facilities and equipment?
  • Are you using social media to nourish and grow long-term client relationships via word-of-mouth? Are you reaching potential patients through Yelp, GooglePlus and LinkedIN?
  • Are you listed on directories like HealthGrades, MD.com, Vitals and RealSelf?

These are just a few of the channels through which we can begin to revitalize and jumpstart your business. And as a small boutique marketing firm focused exclusively on medical and legal practices, there is no stone we will leave unturned to accomplish your goals for success.

Medical SEO – The heartbeat of your online marketing

No aspect of your campaign is more important than Search Engine Optimization. This crucial and game-changing aspect of advertising can mean the difference between obscurity and instant name recognition. At Studio 3, our technicians work overtime to meticulously research and vet each keyword chosen for your practice. These keywords must be endlessly tested and retested with one goal in mind: converting visitors into appointment-booking patients.

Beyond keywords, the elusive Google algorithm is ravenous for content. We work with a team of highly-trained, intuitive and innovative medical copywriters who have a proven track record of coining this type of relevant, SEO-friendly text. In short, SEO is a complex, multifaceted set of actions that includes copy, pictures, metadata, URL’s, backlinks, articles and blogs to successfully catapult you to number one in an organic search. And we do it all with ease.

Social media marketing for medical professionals – The pulse of our times

Every doctor knows the value of numbers. All vital information, from a patient’s cholesterol to their weight, is expressed through digits. That’s why it’s so important to understand what it means when 150 million Americans are using Facebook, and 280 million are using Twitter. As a business owner in today’s digitally advanced society, you simply cannot ignore social media as a channel for attracting new patients.

Through social media, we create a net to capture those seeking your services and lock in their interest through online booking, email acquirement and other widgets. Not only does this increase your leads exponentially, it also offers previous patients a way to stay connected and engaged between visits, which may in some cases be months or even years apart. By continuing a dialogue with these clients, you are ensuring repeat business that can fortify your practice in lean times as well as in times of plenty. It’s perfectly fine if you’ve never used Facebook in your life. Let our experts handle your accounts so you can get back to your primary vocation – helping patients to live happier, healthier lives!

Let Us Take You From Idea to Launch.

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