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Legal MarketingLawyer by day, web marketing specialist by night?

As a busy legal professional, you shouldn’t have to live the double life of a superhero. We at Studio 3 understand that you rather spend your time racking up billable hours than trying to navigate the intricacies of online advertising. Whether you are a new firm on the block or a seasoned pro, we can propel you to the next level with an aggressive branding strategy that gets results fast, increasing your revenue stream and driving name recognition. From web design, photography and print to social media and SEO, we take the mystery out of marketing, flooding your office with new leads while positioning you for long-term success.

Your legal website – Working on your behalf while you’re in court

You’re a powerhouse in the courtroom. But does your website pack the same punch online? At Studio 3, helping you to stand out among millions of other attorneys is what we do best. There’s no such thing as a “template” web design package at Studio 3. Each site is highly innovative, visually stunning, and carefully customized to accentuate your legal niche. Whether you specialize in business law, personal injury claims, or the criminal justice system, we know how to target, capture and convert visitors to stack your desk with new cases. A dynamic, interactive online presence that works for you while you’re in court means you can spend more time focused on your clients and less time waiting for the phone to ring.

Mobile-friendly sites for the 21st century

Every law firm that wants to compete in today’s digitally advanced, tech-savvy marketplace must have a mobile-friendly web presence. Potential clients are busy people, and they want instant access to information, video, forms and links all at the touch of a button on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our websites optimize intuitively for whichever device is detected, immediately configuring for a smaller sized screen. However, there is no sacrifice when it comes to content, design, loading times, ease of navigation or social media sharing. Your mobile site functions exactly the same as it does on a desktop.

Increase exposure exponentially with legal video marketing

SEO experts from the legal field overwhelmingly concur: Video marketing is on the rise. Not only do online videos boost organic search engine rankings, they are also a great way to form relationships with new clients. In the legal industry, trust and approachability are everything, and with the option to first “meet” an attorney online via their video, site visitors are more likely to follow through in person.

Our artful, accomplished Studio 3 videographers will craft a compelling live segment that distinctively captures the core values and mission of your firm, and strategically highlights your greatest assets. In addition to attorney profiles, we also shoot video testimonials, which are vastly superior to their more impersonal written counterparts. Your video can be used across a variety of platforms, including social media channels, to exponentially increase your visibility and with it, your case load.

Breakthrough SEO for the legal industry

A great website cannot bring in leads unless it is properly optimized for success. Search Engine Optimization does involve selecting the most appropriate keywords for your specialization and area, but it’s much more than that. It starts with the crafting of relevant, choice content that educates, engages and commands its audience, executed by one of our talented legal copywriters, all the way through the monthly maintenance required via linking and on-page tweaking of metadata to keep your site at the top of Google. And as a small boutique marketing firm, continuous, personalized one-on-one attention and dedication to your account are Studio 3 hallmarks.

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