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Dental Practice Marketing Stand Out From The Pack

Creating beautiful smiles is what dentists do best. But here at Studio 3, we too like to make our clients grin. And when they see their businesses flourishing, their appointments multiplying and their profits soaring, our dental practice clients just can’t help but flash their pearly whites. From carefully crafting a website that reflects your niche market, to capturing the cheerful warmth of your office and staff through stunning, state-of-the-art photography, we go the extra mile to jumpstart your online presence.

Your website is the face of your practice

First impressions are everything in online marketing. With this in mind, we focus on creating a website that will not only dazzle the eye, but that will also reflect the heart and soul of your dental practice, conveying to potential patients those unique selling points that set you apart from a sea of competitors. We offer everything from award-winning videography to complete social media integration, and all our sites are effortlessly accessible from any modern device.

Beyond top-tier aesthetics, you also need relevant, pitch-perfect content on your site that will drive traffic and create a buzz for your brand. At Studio 3, we work with an entire fleet of local talented copywriters who have honed in on your dental specialization and can set the right tone for your entire campaign.

Optimizing your dental website for success

Oral surgeons, orthodontists and dentists know that great exteriors require solid foundations. Our striking and stylish design capabilities mean nothing unless our behind-the-scenes metadata is working overtime to convert site visitors into appointments.

Through painstaking scientific research, scrupulous attention to detail, and the tenacity to keep making adjustments until we achieve the success you deserve, we have the chops to get you ranked on top. Because we are a small boutique agency that values the quality of client relationships over quantity, you can rest assured that your account will receive our unwavering focus and time from the moment you come onboard.

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SEO – A holistic approach

So just how are these remarkable results achieved? Well, we take a holistic approach to your marketing campaign, meaning that no action exists in a vacuum or is executed in an arbitrary way. Every keyword chosen for SEO must be strategically customized to attract your target audience, that specific type of visitor that is most likely to convert into an actual patient. Search Engine Optimization isn’t about impressing you with tricks or unsustainable short-term tactics. Rather, it’s about patiently testing and retesting every aspect of your online presence to maximize leads.

Paid search – An x-ray for your dollars

Paid search is just another great tool in our toolbox that we can use to catapult you to success. Whether it’s via Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or Youtube marketing, paid search puts your dental practice in front of thousands of potential patients instantly. But it doesn’t stop there. Just as you might use an x-ray to determine your surgical plan, we analyze the information gleaned from each click to help us fashion a potent, highly concentrated game plan that will make the most of your budget rather than squandering it on dead ends.

Social media – It’s not just about kittens and sunsets!

Social media marketing is important to dental professionals for two main reasons. The first is that today’s digitally savvy consumer is most likely to patronize a business because of a friend’s referral, thanks to the constant connection, photo sharing and information exchange that occurs on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Youtube and Instagram. Social media marketing harnesses the viral power of word-of-mouth and converts it to your advantage.

The second reason you need to employ these channels is because you may only see clients once or twice a year. The rest of the time, you need to continue to engage them, nurturing and growing those fruitful long-term relationships that will sustain a healthy practice for years to come.

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